Monday, February 15, 2010

Doctor's note

We had our 4-week appointment this morning and all is going well. Our doctor discussed the results of our ultrasound with us and mentioned that there is a cyst on Ella's left ventricle. He assured us that this is not a concern to them because she doesn't have any of the other "visible anomalies or aneuploid markers". If there were other markers, they would schedule another ultrasound. But since that isn't the case, the doctor explained that these cysts can be present during development and then disappear. We trust his judgment and will continue to pray that this cyst doesn't turn into being something serious further down the road.
*Everything is checking out good with me & baby (i.e. weight, blood pressure, growth, etc.)
*We will be going on a Salem Hospital tour soon. It's been four years since I have been there and I am excited for Mike to check it out too.
*My next appointment is March 16th and then my appointments will start to get closer together.

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Rachel said...

I hope you are doing okay. Keep up the positive attitude and the prayers. It's going to go away!! I just know it.