Sunday, January 17, 2010

Final 10k for a while

I ran the Cascade 10k this morning and it turned out to be a pretty nice run.  I'd anticipated the weather to be worse, so that was a nice surprise.  The first two miles it was misting, but the remainder of my run was rain-free.  It was also the fastest 10k I've run (by fastest, I mean the time went by faster than any of my other 10k races).  I definitely ran the slowest 10k I've run to date, but it was a victory for me to run the whole thing.  Going into it, my goal was to run four miles and walk two miles, if my body would allow me to do so.  My first two miles were my hardest.  My hips were stiff and my feet just wouldn't get off the ground.  I was sure I was going to have to walk the last two miles, if not even the last three.  But as I was approaching the halfway point, I found the strength to actually run.  I lengthened my stride and made the effort to get my feet off of the ground.  Turns out, it was less painful that way today, and I was feeling stronger than I'd thought I would.  Typically, I take a lot of little steps and it's more of a jog than a real run, so accomplishing an actual run felt really good. 
This will be my last 10k for a while.  I'd be lying if I said I don't still have the itch to do more (a 5k or maybe an 8k), but my knees were screaming me at the end of the race today.  I know my running days will soon be over and I don't want to put my body under too much stress.  It was a good last 10k for me and baby!
Final race time: 1:02.48
Overall rank: 134/280

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