Friday, December 18, 2009

Matching buddies

People who know me well are familiar with the fact that matching is a huge pet peeve of mine (by "matching", I am referring to matching outfits). Really, I don't mind when Mike and Jaycoby match, or if Jaycoby's outfit is somewhat similar to mine (on a sporty day, of course- nothing girly), but I will not tolerate matching my husband. Mike has taken it on as a challenge to try and synchronize his outfits to mine, without my noticing, and then proudly pointing it out once we're in the car and I can't run to my closet and change what I have on. Really, it's not very funny :-). So now, Jaycoby has it in his mind that mommy hates anyone matching.

This picture was taken a while ago, but Jaycoby was so proud to come into the kitchen, while I was making dinner, and show me that he and Mike were wearing the same outfit. Of course, I had to act like I hated it, but it was really pretty cute.

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