Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween ended up being a super special night for us. Like the last two years, Jaycoby was supposed to be at his dad's house, so we were going to have to miss out :-(. But Jonny was gracious enough to invite us along and even suggested that we meet up with Mike's sisters family (who they randomly bumped into last year on their trick or treating trip to Portland). This was an offer we couldn't refuse! I was sick all week, and had to miss out on a lot of things (including our Rascal Flatts concert......insert ), but I was NOT going to miss out on this.
We started out the night at Mississippi Pizza for dinner. Jaycoby was slightly wound (to say the least) having his whole gang there, in his honor. After dinner, we went to Mary and Jeff's house, so Mike and I could change into our "awesome" costumes. Jaycoby was pretty excited that we were dressing up as "Black Spiderman" and "Plastic Girl" (a character that appeared on a Spiderman episode, that really has the name of "Spectacular Black Cat Girl" or something and that Jaycoby has been calling "Plastic Girl" for the last year). My outfit was pretty hideous, but I rolled with it and Jaycoby had a great time. It was so cute watching the boys trick or treating, saying "thank you" for their candy and then being so proud of all of the candy in their bags. We did two long trips and they did a great job, considering how long we ended up being out there. It wore me out! >
Click "play" to review the pictures from the night.

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