Monday, November 30, 2009

Bye Bye Bailey

When we first got Bailey

Before saying goodbye to Bailey

After a lot of debating, we finally came to the decision of finding a better home for Bailey. We weren't exactly "best dog owner's of the year" and we knew Bailey could be a lot happier with a lot more attention and some room to run around. Also, with Mike not having a job, we had to consider the cost and we are cutting back wherever we can. But our biggest reason was because of Jaycoby. Jaycoby has never liked Bailey and it hasn't gotten any better with time. He has become terrified of any interaction with Bailey and has started asking us when we were going to "take Bailey back to the farm where we got him". It made us start to think if it was really worth keeping him (Bailey, not Jaycoby, Lol).
We were able to find a woman who needed a companion for her 1-year old dog, Dakota, and she seemed like a great fit. She has two acres of her own and has another ten acres on their neighbors property, where the dogs can run around while they ride horses. Bailey will also get to be indoors, so that will be like heaven to him (that was not allowed at our house). Mike and I both feel like we did the best thing for Bailey and Jaycoby, by making this decision.
When Bailey was about to leave, I made Jaycoby go outside and say goodbye. When we came inside I said (with a sad face), "Jaycoby, we're never going to get to see Bailey again". He exclaimed (with an enthusiastic arm pump), "Yeah! I can play in the backyard now." So after finishing up lunch, we put on his boots and let him down in the backyard for the first time since he can remember. He never wanted to be down there with Bailey, no matter how hard we tried.
Here are some pics of him exploring his new play area:

I found this video in our "Bailey file", which proves that Jaycoby never really liked Bailey. This was just after we got Bailey, so Jaycoby was still not used to him, but Jaycoby's reaction is tame compared to how he reacts to Bailey now.

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