Friday, October 9, 2009

Parent Meeting

I am as prepared as I am going to baby is starting preschool next week. I went back and forth about if it would be a good idea for Jaycoby to go to school this year, or have one last year home with mommy. In the end, we went with the least-intimidating option, which is a 13-week semester at the local high school. I think it will be a great "beginner" atmosphere. I am hopeful that Jaycoby will respond well to the one-on-one attention he will get from the high school teachers and will have an overall positive experience.

Here are some pictures we got from Parent Night in Jaycoby's classroom:
The theme for this year is fruits and vegetables. Jaycoby is a green pepper. This is a picture of his cubby.

Here are all of the names of the kids in Jaycoby's class. As Jaycoby's dad pointed out, this might be something we should photograph so we know if he is making up any friends. LOL. Now we have the class roster, so I think we'll be able to figure out if he sneaks in any imaginary buddies :).

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