Thursday, September 17, 2009


This past weekend, we went on a five-day trip to Sunriver. It was so much fun to get away and spend time as a family. Mike's parents and sister's family went as well, so there was always a lot going on. We managed to fit in several bike rides, trips to the coffee shop, a raft trip, tennis, two rounds of golf, a 10k (me) & a half marathon (Jeff), a kid's race (Jaycoby & Zach), swimming, hot tubbing at the house, dinner w/ Jim and Jackie (Mike's aunt & uncle), poker & yahtzee, story-reading to the kids, building with legos, ETC. There wasn't a dull moment.
Here are some highlight photos (as promised, no embarassing pics):

Also, you have to go to this link and see my famous son :). They always send out a link of the photos that were taken by the professional photographers at racing events. I was wondering if this photo would be in there and sure enough it was. Jaycoby was doing the children's obstacle course they'd set up at the XTERRA run and had asked to use my iPod. He is picture #37 (of 40)- Little Runner Jaycoby Hurst.

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