Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lil Artist

We went to My Masterpiece Art Studio on Friday and had so much fun. Honestly, we weren't there for very long, but Jaycoby thought it was so cool to paint his very own picture.

Pictures of the process:

Starting out making his dragon/monster.

"Killing the monster"

Asking Mommy to help and offering me a brush.

Here is his description on his picture:

Going into the studio, he had already decided that he wanted to paint an orange dragon (and he wanted me to help). He started painting and then it turned into him killing the dragon and monsters on the canvas . I didn't encourage the killing, but I did my best not to interrupt his creative process...LOL. I got him to paint the whole canvas by putting dots or lines here and there and then he would be so excited to mess up my work. It was the only time it wasn't going to annoy me, so we just went with it. Also, the number "3" that you see was drawn by Jaycoby, without any assistance from mommy. It's the perfect addition to his first painting. Now we'll never forget how old he was when he did it.

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