Sunday, August 16, 2009

Biking in Salem

Jaycoby's comfy ride. He loves to have a drink and a snack when we go for our bike rides. And we always make a stop at the park, so he is rewarded for putting up with our long trips.

We've found a new hobby that was entirely unexpected. Before we got married, Mike and I agreed that each of our most loveable qualities was that we both hated biking (aren't we lazy!). It was something we were glad we had in common. Well, lately that has changed.
It started when Mike pulled out his old bike from storage, so that the boys could accompany me on my longer runs. It's just not safe for me to run at certain parks by myself. Since Mike doesn't enjoy running, and Jaycoby just couldn't keep up for the long distances, we thought the bike was the best way to go. Then, we borrowed a bike for me, from my sister-in-law, so that I would be able to ride along when we went on our trips to Sunriver this summer. We also bought a bike trailer for Jaycoby. Turns out, biking is something we have really learned to enjoy. We go on rides 3-5 times a week and we don't even hate it :). On one of our rides this past weekend, we were talking about how surprised we are that biking is something that we have come to genuinely enjoy. Who would've ever thought!!!

My adorable, dorky husband, trying to do an action shot on a stationary bike. Notice the kickstand is down :).

My bike....thank you Mary & Jeff!!! It's getting a lot of use this summer.

Silly video of Jaycoby laughing on the swings. He was laughing so hard, he could hardly breath.


Rachel said...

I love it!!! Sawyer just learned how to ride her bike and so I think we might become a bike riding family too...where are the best bike trails in Salem?

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

We usually go to the Riverfront or around Minto Brown Park. MB has longer trails which can be nice for a more lengthy ride. You can also go to Bush park. We went from Wallace Marine, through Riverfront, through downtown and over to Bush Park the other night. It's actually not that far.