Saturday, July 4, 2009

Golfing at Oak Knoll

We found out this week that we are going to have to sneak Jaycoby on to the golf course, if he is going to be the next Tiger Woods. We took him into the clubhouse with us, at Cross Creek golf course, and they told us he was too young to ride along on the course. Apparently, Jaycoby must be at least five years old to come along for the ride. We'd taken him there once before, but we figured out that I had stayed out in the car with the boy, while Mike had gone inside to pay. From now on, we will have to stick to that routine, so that Jaycoby can come too. He LOVES golfing with Mike. He asks us each time we stop the cart, "now can I get out with Mike?". We would always let him get out when Mike was ready to putt and Jaycoby would happily run over and pull out the pin for him. He also always made sure that Mike had his "chicky char" when he was going to tee off. In case you were wondering what a chicky char's the little wooden tee. Last time we took Jaycoby golfing, he kept calling them by this strange name. We were amazed that after several months of zero golfing, that he was calling them this WEIRD word. He's a funny kid.
Jaycoby does a great job of standing off to the side of Mike and waiting quietly while he hits the ball. The second Mike makes contact with the ball, he starts chattering, but I was impressed with his golf course etiquette. And I LOVE the way he stands with his hands behind his back each time. He only does this when Mike is hitting the ball. Too cute!

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