Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jaycoby met a policeman

Okay, this story requires some background. Here's what you need to know:
At the beginning of the year, Jaycoby learned how to unfasten his seat belt. To teach him how serious this "no no" was, we told him about the police and how mom and Mike would get a ticket if he didn't have his seat belt on. Since then, we've pretended we were going to start the car before he was fastened in and it freaks him out. He'll start to pretend cry and say "I don't want to get a tooket (ticket)". There have been other lessons where we've used the police and "tookets" to teach him how serious things can be. For example, we told him how grafiti is wrong and that the kids who did it probably got tickets from the police, because it is a big "no no". We always tell him how the police are here to protect us, but that there are certain rules we have to follow and the police are the people who enforce those rules.
So here's the story:
Today we went to lunch at Carl's Jr. It was our lucky day, because a police officer was in the line next to us. I pointed him out to Jaycoby and told him to wave at the policeman. I honestly didn't know if he was going to be scared or excited. He started smiling at the policeman and the officer reached out his hand to shake Jaycoby's. Jaycoby accepted the hand shake and said hi. He looked up at me and smiled and I told him how this was the policeman like we had told him about. While I was ordering and talking with Jaycoby, the policeman was trying to get something out of his pocket for Jaycoby, but was struggling to get it out. Then he had to order, so we went ahead and passed him to go fill our drinks. Finally, the officer got this card out of his pocket and stopped Jaycoby to give it to him. After all, Jaycoby was all smiles when they introduced themselves before. When the officer handed him the card, Jaycoby started to cry (LOUDLY) and saying "I don't want it, I don't want it". I quickly picked him up and took him away, to try and settle him down. He just kept repeating "I don't want it" over and over. Once we got him settled down, my mom asked him if he didn't want it because he thought it was a ticket and Jaycoby said "yes". Poor boy thought he was being "tooketed" by the police :-). When I looked at the card, it read "Jerry Moore- Chief of Police". Officer Moore apologized to us as he was leaving (at that point, we hadn't figured out why Jaycoby had been so scared, or I would've loved to have explained to him why he had started crying). Jaycoby even shouted "goodbye", just as he was walking out the door, since he now understood that "Jerry" (like "Tom and Jerry" Jaycoby said) is a nice policeman, who was just trying to give him his friendship card.


Photography by Elise said...

I know him! Crazy!!!
I used to nanny for his boys ALL through high school! They are the nicest people and Jerry is sweet. I still stay in touch with them here and there.

Meghan said...

Poor Jaycoby! This story gave my husband and I a good laugh!

McKenzie said...

If you ever want Treven to come over in Uniform let me know!

Rachel said...

The Chief of Police gave him the "ticket". Too funny!!! I love that he didn't want it....he should never want a ticket from a police whatever it takes Jaycoby!!!! (I would)