Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hangin' out with good friends

Saturday night we went to Sherwood, to hang out with our good friends, Matt & Laura Holt (and Madeline too!). When we got there, Matt was working on assembling new kitchen cupboards. Mike loves working on projects like this, and was really excited to be doing it alongside his best buddy, so I knew they'd make a lot of progress together. By the end of the night, they'd assembled and installed (with some assistance from myself and Laura- some of those jobs were just too tough for two people to do) a pantry and 5 sets of cupboards. The upper set of cupboards was complete when we left and now they are on their own for the lower set :). It's always fun to do projects like that, especially when you're with good company.
Out with the old...removing the last upper cupboard.

New cupboards installed. I told the guys to look tired, so that's why Matt looks ASLEEP :). Laura and I then worked on filling the cupboards back up with all of their dishes, while the guys worked on all of the finishing touches.

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