Thursday, February 26, 2009

Play day with Sydnie

Sydnie had grandparents day at school today, so she got to spend the afternoon with Grammie. They were nice enough to invite us along for lunch and a trip to the carousel. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids play together. They don't have a lot of play time, just the two of them.
First, at McDonald's, they stuck together (like cousin's should) when a VERY naughty little boy was bullying them in the playland. It was cute to see them calling for each other, and not wanting to leave each others side, in order to feel safe from the little monster. Since they weren't getting to play much, we decided to cut lunch short and head to the carousel (seriously, this little boy was just terrible and his dad wouldn't do a thing, even when Grammie told him he should- go Grammie!).

The carousel was a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. They did two rides and picked different places to ride each time. Then Grammie treated them to a little snack from the shop.

It wouldn't be a proper play time without a trip to Grammie's playroom. That's where we ended. The kiddos had a great day!
They also got to buddy up in car seats when we had to take Sydnie back to her mom.

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